The most precious resource of Human Kind is its Knowledge.


LUMINA – Sharing Knowledge of Hearing

It is through the knowledge that we acquire, enhance, and share that we reach the fullest capacity of our existence. Knowledge is a resource to be freely given. It is the greatest gift that we have. At Lumina we believe that the sharing of knowledge is the fastest and most ethical way to enable both individual and social growth. All our programs and all our projects focus on sharing the wealth of knowledge that is found in the minds and hearts of the local experts, volunteers, and caring individuals that we engage in our efforts. ALL OF OUR PROFITS GO TO SUPPORT OUR SCHOOLS FOR THE DEAF IN BALI.

Lumina Hearing Center History

Bali is a beautiful tranquil island in the south pacific, famous for it’s beaches, rice paddies, friendly people and rich culture. Tourists flock there from all over the world to enjoy the hotels where they receive warm welcomes and pampering by the gentle and generous Balinese. Few seem to notice that their attentive hosts leave the opulence of the tourist hotels at the end of their shifts each day to return to their poverty stricken homes. Our projects in Bali started through the efforts of Nick Liem, who in his retirement, felt compelled to return to his native country of Indonesia and give back to the land of his childhood. An active Rotarian, he had been involved in Rotary International Projects in Africa to assist hearing-impaired children. He realized through his involvement in these projects that the children of Bali desperately needed the same sort of assistance and support. To this end, he began working  with a Balinese owned company called Lumina, and embarked on a mission to procure the necessary training and skills needed to bring hearing care to local children. Fellow Rotarians, who were also involved in the African Projects, Vikki MacKay, a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in B.C., and Jim Renshaw, an Electronics Technician specializing in Audiometric Equipment joined in the project. The three of them work together at AIM Companies Canada It is through these efforts, and the countless contributions of many dedicated volunteers and supporters that the Lumina Hearing Center was born and continues to grow.

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