Trades School for Deaf Students


Sustainable Livelihoods/Economic Development Project in Catur, Kintamani

For Hearing Impaired/Deaf Adults and Local Villagers

Lumina Hearing Centre is launching a pilot Economic Development project in Bali based on sustainable pig farming. Lumina already manages educational and support centres for the hearing impaired and deaf ranging in age from birth to old age. Currently, deaf Balinese leaving government schools lack skills and many have nowhere to go and no possibility of employment after leaving school. The development of the pig farm will provide training plus profitable and sustainable business opportunities for participants so they will be able to live independently. There are also many associated spin-off economic opportunities for the community. Beneficiaries of the project will be selected from young adults graduating from the government schools for the deaf, and the 1800 villagers in the Catur area. This project is the vision of Nick Liem, an Indonesian-born Canadian engineer and architect trained in Germany. He and Vikki, an expert in hearing issues and business administration and also central to the project, are both Rotarians from British Columbia, Canada. The project goals are to train hearing impaired/deaf Balinese and the villagers of Catur in the humane and environmentally sustainable breeding and raising of pigs for the market and later for meat and other products. Associated skills will include farm planning and administration, waste management, construction, animal husbandry, accounting and many other subjects. The teaching/training component will incorporate recognized trade certification and the operation itself will be a viable business. One hectare of land in Catur, Kintamani, has been contracted for 50 years for the project. A RAM pump (requiring no fuel) was installed to bring river water to the construction phase of the project and to supply villagers living near the site who previously had no easy access to water. Electricity has been supplied and construction begun on the administration/training building using private funds. The completed project will comprise the following elements: · Administration and training/workshop space · Two initial (eventually there will be four) pig stalls to each house about 100 pigs. A large rainwater catchment roof/cistern system will supply the water for washing the pigs and cleaning the stalls. The pig waste will be channelled into two anaerobic digesters which will produce methane gas for lighting and cooking for the project plus compost for the gardens. The pigs will be raised humanely and fed chemical-free feed, much of it locally produced. · Dormitories/common room/toilets for 16 trainees The project will begin with two pig stalls and the training/administration building. When the operation becomes viable, construction will proceed on the dormitories and remaining pig stalls. Ongoing career training opportunities rising from this project include feed production, veterinary skills, artificial insemination, fish/eel/frog farming, health inspection, natural fertilizer production, methane gas production, farm tours, butchering, meat processing, leather production and many other related subjects. The community of Catur will benefit through access to trades and training, jobs and a more robust local economy. This is an excellent ongoing project for Rotary Clubs with many opportunities for international participation and visits. The project lends itself to many levels and types of funding opportunities over time. There is a great advantage in having a permanent, ongoing project site (as RCBU has with Temesi) to showcase Rotary participation and attract foreign Rotarians. Engaging international clubs early in this project will help ensure their continuing interest and support as the project develops and other initiatives spin off it.
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