YKIP (Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi)

or the Humanitarian Foundation for Mother Earth

YKIP is a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of the needy in Bali through Health and Education Projects. Established only days after the Bali Bomb Blast of October 12, 2002, their efforts are intended as a living tribute to the 222 dead and 446 injured victims of the two blasts. YKIP is a donor agency for other organizations to support projects on Bali, knowing that their funds will be used in a productive and transparent manner; they also have their own projects that they support.

ALF (Annika Linden Foundation)

Mark Weingard, the founder of the ALF, and the team at RESET Pte Ltd have generously donated to YKIP projects and administration since its inception. Many of Lumina’s projects have been supported by YKIP/ALF over the years.  We are thankful for their support.
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