Rural Outreach

Medical Outreach to Rural Areas in Bali

Medical intervention for ear disease is often key to preventing permanent hearing loss. Bali has many well trained and concerned Ear Specialists, but they lack the resources to travel to rural areas to provide care.  Villagers must travel many miles to reach the overcrowded city hospitals, and often cannot afford the fees or the cost of medications.  The result of this is that many cannot access medical treatment for ear-related diseases for themselves or for their children. This plight was brought to the attention of Lumina staff by concerned physicians, and together a plan was enacted to raise the necessary funding  to purchase a vehicle and equipment and to provide program support.  Funding was provided in part by YKIP/ALF and by Lumina for the initial purchases.  Currently the program operation is fully funded through Lumina. This program has been embraced by the professional medical community and is also one of the focuses of the new government initiatives in Bali to focus on hearing health.  We are proud to continue to support this program.
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