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Sadly, there are no audiologists on the Island of Bali. Infact, at last report, there are no audiologists in the entire country of Indonesia. Ear-Nose and Throat  Physicians (Otolaryngologists) struggle to make up for this deficit by doing as much as they can to understand the basics of hearing assessment procedures.  Lumina supports their efforts. In February of 2008 we sponsored a seminar featuring Indonesian ENT Specialists in the field of OAE assessment, ABR assessment and Tympanometry. Many physicians attended and Lumina provided both equipment and training assistance.

Audiology Volunteers needed!

Much Much more needs to be done here, and I am very pleased to say that we have recently made a connection with the Australian Audiology community who has come forward to adopt our cause by offering their much needed and very valuable experience and knowledge! Bali is a favourite vacation spot for Australians, so many audiologists have come forward to donate a day of two of their vacation time, which has made a wonderful difference! We would welcome with open arms the  Audiology community in the rest of the world as well!

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