Universal Hearing Screening Program

Universal Hearing Screening Program for Infants

In 2007 Ear, Nose and Throat  physicians came forward with a request for assistance to establishing a universal hearing screening program for the Island of Bali. This is our most ambitious project to date and it would not have been possible to even consider it if Viasys Health Care (now a part of Cardinal Health) had not stepped forward with the generous donation of a fully equipped clinical Audera ABR unit and two AudioScreener OAE/ABR screening units. Added to this is a third AudioScreener purchase that was jointly funded by AIM Companies Canada and YKIP. A pilot project was begun in 2008, funded by Lumina and YKIP, and these units were placed in three major hospitals in Bali. In a coordinated effort headed by Dr. Eka, ENT Specialist, babies are screened at birth following a protocol set by a committee of ENT doctors and accepted by the Indonesian government. Results are collected and tracked by Lumina staff and submitted to a central database located at Sanglah Hospital. Identified babies are retested at age 3 months and again at age 6 months. If they fail the screening at age 6 months, they receive an ABR assessment and after medical clearance may be fitted with a pocket aid that is subsidized to ensure affordability for the families. Identified children will be tracked, and their families will be given support to understand the nature of the hearing loss and how to help their child learn to speak to the best of their abilities. We are now in the process of working with Government Officials and Hospital Physicians to begin a Province wide program that will see one OAE screening unit placed in each of Bali’s major Hospitals.  This phase of the project was made possible by funding from  YKIP/ALF, AIM Companies Canada, and generous support by Otodynamics Corporation of Britain,who discounted their units generously, and in the greatest gift of all…..translated their equipment data screens into the Indonesian Language! Many partners are coming together in this project to make a difference for the babies.
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