Hearing Aids for School Children

Hearing Testing and Hearing Aid Fitting for SLBB Students

There are state-run schools for deaf children in Bali that carry the acronym ‘SLBB’. Children who do not learn to talk due to deafness are enrolled in these poorly equipped schools, where teachers sometimes must double as parents for abandoned children. Lumina began a program in 2004 that was   supported by YKIP/ALF, that developed a program that provides hearing tests for each child enrolled the school and hearing aids to those children that would benefit from amplification.  Today the program is fully supported through Lumina. Donated hearing aids are gathered from Canada, Australia, and other countries, tested and issued to children. Children are monitored and tested on a regular basis to ensure that their hearing aids are working well and remain appropriate for their needs. To date we are proud to say that we have over 250 children wearing hearing aids in our program.

Volunteer Opportunities for Audiologists and Hearing Industry Specialists

At Lumina we welcome volunteer participation from a wide range of knowledgeable individuals.  To date we have had volunteers from Canada, Australia, Holland, and many other countries who have visited our clinic and assisted in the training of staff.  We are proud to say that our facility has been featured in Audiology Journals in both Canada and Australia.  For more information on how you can contribute or volunteer please e-mail Lumina through our contacts page.
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