Corporate History

Community Service and Business Working Together.

CV Lumina began its life as a business machines and photocopy machine sales and service shop.  It had the support of Nick Liem, and Indonesian born entrepreneur, who immigrated to Canada in the late 1970’s. In the mid 1990’s Nick volunteered to assist a Rotary International project that was focused on helping hearing-impaired children in Zimbabwe, Africa.  He immediately recognized that the children of Bali Indonesia were in need of assistance as well and set about to redesign the company to be one that had as its mandate, the development of programs for the hearing impaired. During a subsequent Rotary International volunteer service in Uganda, which was focused on assisting children with hearing impairment and teaching local professionals about treatment and diagnosis, Nick began recruiting fellow Rotarians to assist him in developing a clinic for children in Bali. In 2004, he was joined by fellow Rotarians, Vikki MacKay, a Hearing Instrument Specialist, experienced in pediatric assessment, and Jim Renshaw, an Electronics Technician who specializes in the sales and service of audiology equipment.  Together they began to develop the Lumina Hearing Center for Children. Reception in Bali has been overwhelmingly supportive for Lumina’s services.  The Professional Medical Community, Parents, Teachers and children have all enthusiastically embraced Lumina’s projects. Through donations from many different sources, including Rotary Clubs, Lumina has grown and expanded to support many Community Based Projects. Lumina operates as a sales and service company, and the profits earned through its commercial work are used to supplement its community projects.  Lumina’s employees are proud of the contribution that they make through their work to the projects.
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