Our Vision & Goals

Lumina’s Vision for Hearing Services


Life-long sustainable quality of life for hearing impaired children and young adults in Bali.

Lumina’s Goals:

Long Term Goal:

Our goal is to develop programs and processes that will provide support and opportunities for hearing-impaired individuals, beginning at birth and extending throughout life.


New Born Hearing Screening:

Ideally identification of hearing loss begins at birth, enabling early intervention and providing hearing aid rehabilitation for those children who will benefit. Families are given educational support and the child’s early development is maximized.

Preschool Education:

Deaf and Hard of Hearing children require a specialized learning environment to enable their academic development. Supported early entry into specialty preschools and supported hearing aid use will enable them to maximize their learning potential. We currently support Sushrusa school for deaf children from ages 4 years through 15 years old. There are 52 children studying here in 2018.

Academic Support:

The need for specialized education continues throughout the child’s academic years. During these years it is critical that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing child learn skills that will enable them to communicate and acquire life skills that they can use once they leave the sheltered school environment to cope in a ‘hearing society’. We opened Catur Trades School offering life skills classes such as Sewing, Computer Training, Cullinery Skills, Carpentry and Farming of plants and animals.

Technical and Business Training forYoung Adults:

As children reach early adulthood they become particularly vulnerable. Many are without family support, and with no means of verbal communication or developed skills they may struggle to find work. Trades and Life/Business skills training becomes critical at this stage. The development of a viable business platform that enables and encourages the employment of deaf & hard of hearing young adults is required.

Professional Support:

Medical Professional:

Ongoing support for equipment and training opportunities enables the participation of the medical community in identification and treatment processes.

Educational Professional:

Specialized training  ensures quality teaching for hearing impaired students. Support for teachers will facilitate this.

Provincial and National Involvement:

The ultimate goal of Lumina’s efforts is to provide support for a vision that will become a model for provincial and national hearing services.
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