Sales and Service

Hearing Testing

  • Audiograms including air conduction, bone conduction and masking.
  • Tympanometry is checking your middle ear and eardrum.
  • OAE is screening for infants.
  • ASSR is diagnostic brain testing to see if a infant can hear. We offer this service to local ENT Doctors.

    Hearing Aids

    We fit hearing hearing aids with Real Ear Measurement. We sell hearing aids from Pocket Aids, BTE (Mini and Super Power), Custom made in ear (ITC and CIC), and Receiver in canal Aids (RIC).


    We make custom made Earmolds and Earplugs. We sell hearing aid batteries and accessories.

    Calibration and Repair Services

    We repair all brands of hearing aids. We repair hearing testing equiptment. We Calibrate all types of audiometric equiptment.

    Custom Made Soundbooths

    We build and install individually designed soundbooths custom fitted to your space requirements.
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