Testing Equipment in Schools

Sound Booth & Audiometric Equipment Installation in SLBB Schools

With ever expanding awareness throughout the school system, teachers soon began inquiring if there was anything more that could be done to facilitate the testing of the children in the SLBB schools. Again Lumina and YKIP/ALF responded by working together to fund the installation of locally developed and constructed sound booth facilities. The sound booths are designed by Engineer, Nick Liem, to be up to international standards in their specifications, but to be made of locally available products and produced by local craftsmen. They were constructed and installed with a screening audiometer in several schools and are actively used to facilitate the testing of the children. An important spin-off of this project is that these booths are now readily available to the Ear-Nose- and-Throat (ENT) Specialists on the Island and have been installed in several clinics as well as one local hospital.  
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