Hospital Sound Booth and Equipment

Audiologic Testing Facility at Sanglah Hospital

In order to facilitate the development of programs such as the Infant Hearing Screening Program, ENT training and now the ENT department’s ambitious new Cochlear Implant Program, it is imperative that the Sanglah Hospital be equipped with an Audiologic Testing Facility and receive training for their physicians. Meeting this need, the Rotary Club of Burnaby, YKIP/ALF, Lumina, and AIM Companies Canada raised over $30,000 to pay for and install the Sound Room and equipment.  Physicians were delighted, and it is now in daily use for both patient diagnostics and physician training. The project was a very substantial one, and the Booth was locally designed and produced under the supervision of Engineer, Nick Liem.  Equipment was selected and supplied by AIM Companies Canada under the direction of James Renshaw.  Physician Training was facilitated by Vikki MacKay.

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