Lumina Hearing Center

Hearing Testing

Lumina prides itself on having World Class equipment and training for its staff. Hearing tests are professionally done in a Sound Booth using a variety of testing techniques appropriate for the patient.  Results are accurate and reliable. Adults are tested using pure tone, bone conduction and speech testing presented through headphones.  Results are recorded and made available to referring physicians. Children are tested using a variety of age appropriate techniques.  These can include play audiometry, sound field testing, otoacoustic emissions testing and auditory brainstem testing.  Even Babies can be tested! Appointments can be scheduled by calling 62-361-262035

Hearing Aids

Lumina provides hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers, including Siemens and Beltone. Hearing aids are prescribed professionally and follow-up visits are provided free of charge. Prices are very reasonable. Hearing aids are prescribed for all ages, from infants to seniors.

Earmolds, Batteries and Accessories

Lumina has an on-site earmold lab, and a full range of batteries and accessories

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